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Boot Camps

Vanessa Walton - EHPC Boot Camp Instructor

Vanessa Walton

Eastman High Performance Centre Bootcamp is for everyone and is lead by our experienced coach Vanessa Walton!

Vanessa's programming will deliver a full body approach through intervals of strength and cardio. With a higher intensity and progressive focus you will be sure to work up a sweat and build lean muscle. Our uplifting, supportive, and motivating environment will make it easy for you to keep coming back! Let’s kick off the new year celebrating what your body can do!

Classes will be 45 minutes in length with 3 classes offered two times per week.

EHPC Bootcamp is sustainable, fun, challenging, and rewarding! We look working to sweating with you!

What Is a Boot Camp?

A short, intensive, and rigorous workout. Whether it forms part of your New Year's resolution or you need structured classes to ensure you are taking care of your mind and body, boot camps are a great way to get a good whole body workout while connecting with like minded individuals. If Boot Camps motivate you to invest in your physical well being, we are happy to be able to provide our clients multiple sessions per year.

Why Should I Take A Boot Camp?

The goal of a fitness boot camp is to provide a whole-body workout that builds strength and aerobic endurance. Boot camp workouts also attract many people because they offer a more challenging, varied and fun workout. Most boot camps require little or no special equipment.

Our goal is to run boot camps every 6-8 weeks, 2 X per week for 45 mins sessions. We will target specific demographics and adjust accordingly should demand exceed offerings.

We will continue to update members with our guest trainers and look to involve members of the community.

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